Announcing the Once and Future Vermont Republic’s New Silver Token 

What might the medium of exchange of a free and independent Vermont look like? Just like the recently minted Second Vermont Republic’s Scott Nearing 50 Clover Silver Token.

Who in the world was Scott Nearing? Scott and Helen Nearing were political activists who lived in Jamaica, Vermont between 1932 and 1952 and embraced a political philosophy based on simple living, self-sufficiency, sustainable agriculture, cooperation, mutual aid, and radical anti-imperialism. Ironically, the two people most responsible for the change in Vermont’s political character during the last two decades of the twentieth century, Scott and Helen Nearing, had not lived in the state since 1952. Their 1954 book Living the Good Life became the Bible for the hundred thousand or so people who moved to Vermont between 1967 and 1973 searching for the good life. As a result of this mass in-migration, Vermont was transformed from the most Republican state in America to the most left-wing state.

As for the Nearing token itself, it contains one ounce of .999 fine silver and has a mirror-like proof finish. It is the first in a series of collectable SVR silver tokens. Future tokens may include the images of Ethan Allen, Fanny Allen, Helen Nearing, and Alexander Twilight. Collect them, barter them, use them, and enjoy them as you see fit.

Why clovers, the state flower, instead of dollars, pounds, or euros? As Voltaire once said, “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero.” With the Federal Reserve Bank printing fiat money as though it were going out of style, the value of such money can only spiral downward.

Why clovers? Why not? Why peg something of value (silver) to a rapidly declining asset (dollars)? Why not a fresh start with a new yet time tested medium of exchange? Clovers will trade at one to one vs the dollar – for now.   Get yours today.  Only 500 first strike pieces are currently available.  Those who donate $50.00 or more will receive a free token.  If you wish to purchase more tokens use the form below or mail check or money order to…

Dennis Steele Campaign for Governor
P.O. Box 28
East St. Johnsbury, Vermont 05838
Or order via paypal…


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