Daniel Miller President of the Texas Nationalist Movement Endorsement

Friends in Vermont,

While it may seem unusual that a Texan would address you concerning a political race in your state, I assure you that this is one of those moments where Texans are watching closely.

Our states, although vastly different in size and population share one important characteristic – our independent spirit. And these times make it difficult for states with that characteristic.

Our generation is a witness to the largest expansion of government in recent history. The growth and intrusion of the Federal government is the largest in the history of the United States. While government grows, the burden of the people continues to grow heavier and heavier. This weight has been patiently borne by large states like Texas and small states like Vermont.

But the past several years have piled these burdens so high that we are all faced with a choice. We can be crushed beneath or we can take our destiny in our own hands and craft a new future. While the politicians in DC, drunk with power, fiddle and our way of life burns, the time for statesmen to rise is upon us.

Just as in previous times of crisis in North America, there will be men and women of character, courage and foresight that will step up to guide us to our future. They will stand up for inherent rights when we suffer under oppression. They will offer new solutions to old problems. They will listen when we speak. They will speak when others are silent. They will act when others can’t or won’t. They will be courageous when the cost for doing so is high. They will help us write the history of the next 200 years. They will be statesmen and not politicians. They will not come from an established political elite but will be “one of us”.

As you go to the polls to select the next Governor of Vermont, there is only one clear choice that fits the above criteria and can lead Vermont into the future.

That choice is Dennis Steele.

As the fire burns across all the states for a return to our “first principles”, Dennis will make sure that the rights of the people of Vermont are protected and that Vermont will maintain its independent character.

I urge all of you to cast your vote for a man of courage and conviction and elect Dennis Steele as your next governor.


Daniel Miller
Texas Nationalist Movement

Note from campaign manager Matthew Cropp:

Daniel Miller is also the founder and CEO of Radio Free Texas

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