If elected Governor of Vermont, I pledge to lead Vermont out of the Union and seek election as the President of the Second Vermont Republic. I further pledge to:

1. Do everything within my power to bring home the Vermont National Guard troops from Iraq and Afghanistan immediately.

2. Block all future deployment of Vermont National Guard.

3. Convene a statewide convention to consider articles of independence calling for the return of Vermont to its status as an independent republic as it once was between 1777 and 1791.

4. Work with the Vermont Legislature and the University of Vermont College of Medicine to develop a Vermont based, decentralized health care system modeled after the Swiss health care system.

5. Introduce a precious metal backed currency for Vermont.

6. Negotiate a new electric energy contract with Hydro Quebec to provide sufficient electric power to compensate for the shortfall which will be created by closing the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant by 2012.

7. Commission the University of Vermont to develop a system of agricultural subsidies similar to those found in Switzerland to encourage more Vermonters to go into sustainable agriculture.

8. Bring back locally financed and locally controlled public schools.

9. Promote trade and travel between Vermont and neighboring states and countries.

Long live the Second Vermont Republic! Please help us save Vermont, America, and the rest of the world from the American Empire by joining our genteel revolution and helping Vermont lead our nation into peaceful disunion.


Dennis Steele

“Imagine… Free Vermont”

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