Exclusion From the First Gubernatorial Debate!

Dennis Steele U.S. Army Veteran

Now that the recount is done and Peter Shumlin has been crowned the Democratic nominee, the general election campaign can be truly said to have begun. In that spirit, the first Gubernatorial debate has been announced, and, disappointingly, Dennis has not received an invitation. Taking place at 8am on Monday, September 13th on the Charlie and Ernie show on 620am WVMT radio, it is being billed on Brian Dubie’s website as a forum where “Vermonters can compare the policy proposals, records and leadership styles of the two candidates.” If you believe that Vermonters deserve to hear more than two voices in this election, please get in tough with WVMT and ask that they include Dennis in their debate tomorrow! The show’s email is [email protected]

Thanks for your support and Imagine… Free Vermont!

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