The Green Mountain Revolution Starts Now



Imagine... Free Vermont!

The biggest challenge facing Vermont is neither jobs, health care, energy, nor education but rather the American Empire.  The American Empire is the largest, most powerful, most materialistic, most environmentally destructive, most racist, most militaristic, most violent empire of all-time.  Not only is it owned, operated, and controlled by Wall Street, Corporate America, and the Israeli Lobby, but it is unsustainable, ungovernable, and, therefore, unfixable.  The Titanic is going down, and tiny Vermont is going with it, because all of our political, economic, educational, and spiritual leaders are in a state of complete denial as to the reality of the situation.

What Vermont needs is neither a jobs plan, a health care plan, an energy plan, an education plan nor any other kind of off-the-shelf plan.  Vermont needs a revolution – a peaceful revolution against the White House, Congress, the Democratic and Republican Parties, the Supreme Court, the Pentagon, the War on Terror, the Israeli Lobby, the Federal Reserve Bank, the federal deficit, fiat currency, Wall Street, and Corporate America.

The Green Mountain Revolution against the Empire starts now!

Imagine…Free Vermont!

Dennis Steele

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