Two Month Campaign Update

Hello everyone,

This is our first update from the campaign trail. We kicked off the campaign in mid-January and we’ve made a splash in both the national and local media. Time magazine featured a great article on the Imagine… Free Vermont candidates, and Seven Days in Burlington, Vermont ran a two page article about Radio Free Vermont (Dennis’ internet radio station) and Dennis’ run for governor. He’s also done many TV and radio interviews regarding the campaign, and interest seems to be growing. With the donations we’ve raised thus far, we printed up and have handed out over 2,000 fliers at different locations around Vermont.

Dennis has also been continuing to use Radio Free Vermont to promote his campaign and the cause of Vermont Independence. Being on the road broadcasting live local music has presented countless great opportunities to discuss both his Gubernatorial bid and the difficult issues facing Vermont such as the war, the economy, and the increasing use Federal power to favor special interests and undermine local control.

We’re facing an uphill battle; reaching Vermonters with the case for independence will not be an easy task. Fighting the status quo is not simple, and we’re working on a shoe-string budget. Regardless of the challenges we face, however, we are committed to getting Dennis on the ballot and we will fight tooth and nail for inclusion in the debates. It only takes 500 signatures to get on the ballot, and Dennis has close to 400 signatures already! They’re due in September, and to be safe, we’re shooting for a thousand. If you’re a Vermont voter and haven’t signed Dennis’ ballot access petition, keep an eye out for an event that’ll be happening near you so you can add your John Hancock to his clipboard. Or, better yet, print off a petition from the Secretary of State’s website and circulate it amongst your friends and neighbors!

Since we lack the wealthy backers of the duopoly candidates, we’re making the best of low-cost tactics to get the message out. Dennis crashed a recent Democratic gubernatorial candidates forum and debate, taking control of the conversation from the floor. When the moderator asked for questions from the audience, Dennis stood up immediately and was able to confront the candidates about bringing home the Vermont National Guard. The forum was broadcast live on Radio Free Vermont, and you can hear the exchange by clicking here.

Though we’re doing the best we can with our limited means, we need your help to bring the campaign to the next level. Our hope is to be able to have buttons, bumper stickers, signs, etc. popping up around the state by summer, but such resources cost money, as does gas and all of the little expenses of campaigning. If you can spare $20.00 to help fill Dennis’ gas tank so he can keep holding the establishment candidates’ feet to the fire and spreading the word about the possibilities of a Free Vermont, it would be deeply appreciated. Visit to make a donation and keep up to date with the latest campaign happenings!

Imagine…Free Vermont!

Matt Cropp

Campaign Manager

P.S. There’ll be a money-bomb in support of Dennis’ campaign on April 15th to show our support to the Independence alternative to continued funding of the out-of-control Federal Government. Go to the website to pledge to give $17.77 (the year the First Vermont Republic was founded) on April 15th!

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