About Radio Free Vermont

When it comes to buying locally and supporting Vermont made goods and services, fifth generation Vermonter Dennis Steele truly puts his money where his mouth is. The Kirby businessman and Vermont Patriot has just launched a new Internet radio station, Free Vermont Radio, entirely devoted to promoting Vermont musicians and their music worldwide.

The new radio station had hardly been broadcasting a week, when its collection of Vermont based music surpassed one thousand tracks (individual tunes) from dozens of CDs. Dennis often receives as many as 10 or 12 CDs a day from Vermont musicians eager to share their music with the rest of the world.

Listeners are encouraged to submit requests and to rate individual music tracks. For each track included in the freevermontradio.org collection several options are available to listeners. You may select a track to be played on the station, you may rate the piece, you may purchase it, or you may obtain additional information about the musical group who produced it from their website.

The selection of music played on Radio Free Vermont is entirely controlled by the listeners. No D.J. or computer controls the music program. Fans of a particular musician or musical group influence the frequency with which a particular tune is played. Loyal fans can easily send their favorite group to the top of the list.

Currently one of the most popular tracks on Free Vermont Radio is Pete Sutherland and the Clayfoot Strutters’ “Two Hundred Years Is Long Enough,” the theme song of the Second Vermont Republic.

Vermont musicians are encouraged to send their CDs to Free Vermont Radio, P.O. Box 28, E. St. Johnsbury, VT 05838. Inquiries can be directed to Dennis at [email protected].

Tune in to freevermontradio.org for a potpourri of terrific music from the Green Mountain State.

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